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It’s all about Connection

This Directory is part of the fulfillment of LawYou’s promise to meet the needs of pro se litigants through connection. Here we provide a place where you can find attorney law coaches, other professionals, and a variety of legal support service providers that you may need or choose to utilize as your case proceeds. Click here to read category descriptions.

Because of the importance of this service, our listings are free to professionals and legal support service providers who are committed to helping people who represent themselves in court. To ensure this commitment, we communicate directly with each and every person or firm who requests a listing.

If you are a pro se litigant…

Please tell the service providers you use that you found them in our directory, so that they will be encouraged to  continue to support our mission.

If you are considering placing a listing in our directory…

Thank you! To request a free listing, please either call us at 855-4LawYou or use the form below and we will respond as soon as possible. To help pro se litigants find you, we will continue to promote LawYou generally, and the directory specifically, through a variety of means, including (1) educational and general interest posts on this site, (2) postings and updates on social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter, and (3) paid advertisements. While the means through which we promote LawYou undoubtedly will adjust with trends and technology, our dedication to you as supporters of the LawYou mission will never wane.

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