Pro Se Litigant in Action

Palm Beach County Historic Courthouse

Pro Se Litigant in Action by Sherri L. Renner, J.D. Original publication date: Sept. 20, 2012 Witnessing a Pro Se Litigant in Action I just finished up at a hearing in court. While I was sitting in the courtroom waiting for my case to be called, I observed another motion hearing. The motion heard just […]

The Trial by Franz Kafka

Kafka's The Trial cover art

Kafka’s The Trial by Sherri L. Renner, J.D. “Someone must have slandered Josef K., for one morning, without having done anything wrong, he was arrested.” -F. Kafka Franz Kafka’s The Trial is a surreal expression of angst and an unforgiving commentary on the law and the too-powerful people who administer it. The protagonist, Josef K., is […]

Should I Convince the Judge my Ex is a Narcissist?

Question I just listened to your interview posted from the WNAAD event. Thank you. It seems you suggest that litigants shouldn’t draw attention to the cluster b disorder, but bring up behavior facts. I understand that now, and although I have never called him any names or referred to him in public or even among […]

Nervous about Vocational Evaluation


Question I am divorcing my husband of 37 years. I caught him on several different dating sites, and saw that he had used cut-and-paste to send untrue stories about me to these women to gain sympathy from them. I also noticed recently that a lot of our money is missing. All our children are grown. […]

Applying Criminal Laws to the Public Display of a Hate Symbol: Part Two of Two

Applying Criminal Laws to the Public Display of a Hate Symbol: Part Two of Two March 22, 2017 Our Meetup group held two “ripped from the headlines” topic discussions about issues surrounding an incident that took place on a Florida university campus early this year. That incident consisted of one person, wearing an armband with […]

Candidate for Simplified Dissolution in Florida?

Claire in Florida asks: I have been married for several decades and I want to file for a divorce. I have been the sole supporter in my household for the past several years. We have resided in my mother’s home since she passed away many years ago. There was an outstanding small mortgage on the […]

From Terror to Triumph: How Jenna Overcame Her Anxiety and Won in Family Court

Jenna* had been embroiled in litigation with her ex-husband for years. Every so often he would bring some trivial matter to the court, painting Jenna as a bad parent, and always keeping her on edge. This time, Jenna’s ex had filed a motion, complaining that Jenna was making decisions about their children’s after-school activities without […]

Do I have to show the police my ID?

Amanda asks: “If a police officer asks me for my ID, do I have to give it to them?“ To answer this question, I spoke with Craig Lawson, who is a criminal defense attorney in south Florida. Naturally, Craig began his answer with, “It depends.” What does the answer depend on? It depends on whether […]

Meaning of the Folds in the American Flag

Today I attended a Veterans’ Day ceremony, which included a folding of the American flag and reading of the meaning of each of the folds. In honor of the day and of our nation’s cherished veterans, I reproduce those meanings here: Previous Next The first fold of our flag is a symbol of life. The […]