California Fun Facts

  • For 25 days between independence from Mexico and U.S. statehood, California was an independent nation. Read more here.
  • Although they may be cultivated elsewhere, Giant Redwoods and Sequoias naturally occur only in California.
  • “Colonel Armstrong” is a redwood named for a logger who worked to preserve this forest. It is the oldest redwood in the Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve.

Law Links

Law Libraries

  • Law libraries are fabulous resources. If your local public law library employs a law librarian, that’s even better! I encourage you to use that resource liberally.
  • I included law school law libraries on the map (the purple-ish icons) but please note that not all law schools open their libraries to the public. Where available, I included website links for your reference.
  • Law schools may have other resources such as law clinics or professors with special interest in certain areas of the law. Law librarians may be able to help connect you with those resources even if the library itself is not open to the public.
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