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The community of mutual support and edification is APSA’s most important function and highest benefit. But there’s more!

APSA Membership FAQs

Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions about membership in the Association for Pro Se Advancement.

The Ultimate CiGAR is the LawYou Logo

Tombstone’s lore tells us the world is full of adventure and opportunity, while the courthouse says you’re not alone in it. It stands as a symbol of order in a wild place, accountability in the frontier, and traditions and predictability in uncharted territory.

How LawYou Got Its Start

Urban Youth Impact

by Sherri L. Renner, J.D. Last updated March 2021. Originally published January 2015. Sometime back in 2007, I was driving somewhere in Palm Beach County, Florida, with the radio on when I heard it again: a public service announcement from Urban Youth Impact about some event the organization would be holding. It caught my attention […]

C.R.’s Story of Legal Abuse

One day many years ago, C.R. met a handsome and charming man. That’s right – her nightmare began, as they often do, as a dream. You know the story: They were young and beautiful and he swept her off her feet with fireworks and dizzying chemistry. He lavished her with romance until C.R. felt loved […]

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