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  1. shirley and mitch pribble

    We are in need of an attorney regarding a civil case. I’m a victim of identity theft and it continues today. The most recent being a title loan obtained in my name I reported it to the police and I told them the handwriting did indeed look similar to mine but it was not mine because I didn’t do it. Well in the police report they were not in my favor then comes the tepi man we have no trespassing signs posted he was asked to leave and we told the repo guy he was stealing the car he continued to hook my car up and my husband told him to leave our property and then fired a warning shot up in the air. At no time was the man threatened nor a weapon ever pointed at him. He stated the cops told him he could take the car and that it didn’t matter about the no trespassing signs. Several hours later the cops show up under the assumption that my husband did not have a foid card well he does. Then on Jan 4,2016 around 8pm they came with a warrant and attested him the charge is aggravated assault with a weapon. The cops here in pur small community are all corrupt. They are very bad and if they don’t like you or if you have proven them wrong they have it put for you. We have been dealing with this harassment for almost five years and we ate convinced they ate behind this identity theft crisis. I’m a terminally I’ll cancer patient and the stress is overwhelming it needs to stop now I’m afraid they are going to try and put him in prison. I never received any resitiuation from the bank for allowing transfers to go thru even when I asked them not to. Anything financial seems to get messed with I just recently was canceled from my life insurance due to non payment they mess with the mail we have proof please help

    • Ms. Pribble, we will contact you by email today.

    • mitch and shirley pribble

      We were wondering if we could press charges on the repo guy who was trespassing on our property. We had asked the guy to leave our property 3 times before my husband fired the gun into the air. At no time was the gun pointed at him, nor at no point was he ever threatened with the gun. He shook our hands before he left and actually appeared to be somewhat sympathic to our situation.

      • If by “press charges” you mean have criminal charges brought against the repo guy, you would have to consult with the criminal prosecutor in your county, or file a police report. A sticking point might be your husband’s firing a gun into the air as a warning to the repo guy, which is illegal in many places. So, before you attempt to speak with the prosecutor or file a report with the local police, you might want to consider consulting with a criminal defense attorney near you. You also should review the loan documents for the item (auto?) that the repo guy was on your property to repo. You may very well have consented to a repo guy entering onto your property to take back the lender’s collateral.

        • I commented earlier but wasn’t sure if it went. First of all I was never ever presented paperwork from the repo guy or from anyone except the letter in the mail stating I was late on payments. I never got served a court order to surrender the car nor was there anything filed at our courthouse. And as far as firing the gun up in the air, we live in the country 5 miles outside of the city limits. So no laws were broken by myself or Mitch. The legal issue is simple, he was trespassing and stealing my car in our eyes because I did not obtain the loan. Why would I go to a title Loan place when I could go to my bank. Those title Lian places should be illegal you could get cheaper rates from a loan shark. I was told there is a process, one in which legal papers were to be served to me and I never received any

  2. mitch and shirley pribble

    Thank you for responding and first of all the repo guy never gave us any type of paperwork. None at all and secondly, we live in the country outside of city limits. We have been trying to find a criminal attorney but are not having any luck

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