While Sherri Renner was a first year law student at Stetson University College of Law, her property law professor, Julian Kossow, would admonish his students each Friday afternoon to "study hard, but don't forget to have a cigar." He meant, of course, that we should balance time spent on our law studies with time spent with loved ones and in doing the (non-law-school-related) things we enjoy. We must never forget to stop and smell the roses.

We pass that admonition on to you, and offer our own version of Professor Kossow's "cigar": Courthouses In the Great American Republic.

We travel the USA and visit historic courthouses, learn about them - the unique architecture and compelling cases played out within - photograph them, and report back to you. Might there be a lesson on civil procedure somewhere in our articles? Maybe, but that's not really the point. Just kick back, relax, and enjoy this category of posts.