Courting Empowerment Training

Our attorney-facilitated Courting Empowerment sessions train you to litigate. Use the form below to get more info about:

  • One-on-one coaching sessions. These usually are conducted in web conferences.
  • 3+me small group sessions. Also conducted in web conferences, these sessions are more affordable and give you the added benefit of other people’s perspectives. We strive to create cohesive small groups whose members can build trust and offer moral support to each other as you advance through your lawsuits together.
  • Retreats. These are multi-day, intensive training seminars held in great places around the country. The training sessions are balanced with time to relax and explore the local highlights.

What you can expect from these training sessions:

  • Life of a Lawsuit: a general overview of how lawsuits progress, from before a lawsuit is filed to what comes after the verdict.
  • Nuts and Bolts: important legal jargon, key personnel in the courts, etc.
  • How to Research the Law
  • How to Write the Legal Documents you Submit to the Court
  • Courtroom Etiquette and Public Speaking

Important note: Although all training sessions are facilitated by an attorney, participation in the sessions does not create or necessarily lead to an attorney-client relationship between you and the attorney facilitator. An attorney-client relationship is special: It confers certain benefits and privileges on you, and the attorney must adhere to rules of conduct. If you like, you and the attorney facilitator can discuss and agree outside of the training sessions to form an attorney-client relationship; any such agreement should be in writing, with clear terms you understand, and signed by both you and the attorney you hire.


Upcoming Courting Empowerment Retreat for Domestic Abuse Survivors

Are you an intimate or domestic abuse survivor and anticipating or currently involved with litigation (divorce, child custody, battery) against your abuser? You are cordially invited to attend our inaugural Courting Empowerment Retreat on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

If you need more immediate assistance with your court case, please contact us at 855-4LawYou or

Courting Empowerment Retreat: Litigating without a Lawyer
North Carolina
Dates in 2017 TBA

Courting Empowerment Retreat will help you understand the civil justice system so you can apply it to your legal issues. You will learn:
● Knowledge about the legal system to ready you for your court date
● Process of litigation
● How to prepare for court, including what to expect from your abuser
● Staying organized through court process
● Where to find what you need for court
● Effective courtroom approaches
● Dos and Don’ts of Courtroom Etiquette and Communication
● Role playing your case with an attorney
● Family Court Survival Kit Session

Sherri Renner is a Florida-licensed attorney and civil litigator. She maintains a solo law practice through which she coaches pro se (or ‘self-represented’) litigants and provides full representation services to clients in matters of constitutional civil rights, property rights and other issues concerning local governments and homeowner/condo associations. Contact us at 855-4LawYou or, or visit for more information on the retreat.