Libraries & Legal Research

The road to success in court is paved with good law. In fact, unless you have a legal framework or context into which your situation fits, you have no "case" that is recognized under the law, and there's nothing a court can do to resolve the conflict.

The good news is that there is a legal framework for nearly every imaginable conflict. You just have to find it.

How do you do that? You've found LawYou America, so you're halfway there.

Through this category of posts we provide you with information and some tools that will introduce you to the legal resources you need, help you find where they are, and teach you how to use them. Legal research - including the hunt for that "needle in the haystack" piece of law that will win the day - is one of my favorite aspects of practicing law. I hope that enthusiasm comes through and you begin to enjoy the search, too.

In addition to using our tools, we strongly suggest you consult with an attorney who is experienced in the area of law that concerns your issue. No matter what we do here or how many instructional materials we create and publish, there is no substitute for consultation with an attorney who will review the specifics of your situation in light of the law that applies to it.

Happy hunting!

State Landlord-Tenant Laws

Got landlord-tenant law questions? We have your answers right here! We gathered information from every state and the District of Columbia and organized it into the table below to create a convenient launching pad-type tool for you to use as you research your issue. Okay, so we may not have…

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Tenants Defending Eviction Actions Must Pay Money … and Attention

Among the more common legal issues that people handle on their own without an attorney are those involving relationships between landlords and tenants. Landlords don’t always keep their promises or comply with various laws concerning maintaining the properties they rent to tenants, and tenants don’t always keep their promises to…

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Librarians Help Pro Se Litigants Every Day

Librarians are among the few professionals who are on the front lines helping people who represent themselves in court. When I decide to do some legal research in a law library, I first think about going to the local courthouse. If the local courthouse doesn’t have a law library (not…

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Law Libraries in Florida

That’s right. We compiled a list of all the law libraries that are open to the public throughout the state of Florida, and created a table with links to the library websites. We also included links to the local courts, just because we thought you might find that info handy,…

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