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by Sherri L. Renner, J.D.

Attorneys are immersed in the legal community from the moment they set foot inside law school, and in many cases, even earlier. Then they are hired into law firms or legal departments of businesses or governmental entities. They join bar associations and groups where they spend time sharing experiences and learning from one another.

That community of mutual support and edification is yet another benefit enjoyed by attorneys which confers to them additional advantages over pro se litigants.

The Association for Pro Se Advancement offers to the self-represented the same kind of supportive community. 

Members at all levels connect with other self-represented litigants to discuss issues, share experiences, and encourage one another in our members-only social platform.

That community is APSA’s most important function and highest benefit.

But wait! There’s more!

In addition, All Access Members enjoy:

  • Weekly Community Workshops via Zoom, facilitated by Sherri Renner, JD
  • State-focused groups with moderated forums
  • Topic-based groups with moderated forums
  • Option to form customized private groups
  • New educational content published periodically
  • One-to-one and small group coaching with Sherri Renner, JD


All Access PLUS Members enjoy all of the above plus a 30-minute “check-in” with Sherri every month.

Membership fees support our advocacy initiatives to raise pro se status, alleviate pro se biases, and make the courts fairer so that justice is more accessible and attainable

We also support and encourage our members’ advocacy work.

Last but not least, a portion of all proceeds is donated to our nonprofit, Pursuing Justice Foundation, Inc, to assist self-represented litigants with the monetary support needed to present cases effectively and create meaningful records for appeals.

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About the Author

Sherri Renner, J.D., is the founder of LawYou America. She fully dedicates her education and years of litigation experience to helping the self-represented.

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