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Free articles and features, affordable self-study materials, and personalized coaching with an experienced litigator


Connect with others online, and connect with local resources and legal support services


Initiating action in all branches of government and partnering with others across the country to improve the courts for the self-represented

and Introducing the Members-Only

Association for Pro Se Advancement at LawYou America


  • Connect with other self-represented litigants to ask questions, share experiences, make suggestions, and encourage one another in our:

    • Moderated forums on each state resource page
    • Moderated forums on pages organized by topic or subject matter
    • Weekly web/tele conferences facilitated by Sherri Renner, JD.
  • New educational content offered periodically at low or no additional cost to members
  • Discounted one-to-one and small group coaching with Sherri Renner, JD
  • Membership fees support our advocacy initiatives to raise pro se status and alleviate anti-pro-se biases
  • Members may participate in our vibrant advocacy community
  • Plus … a portion of all proceeds are donated to our nonprofit, Pursuing Justice Foundation, Inc. Pursuing Justice assists self-represented litigants with the monetary support needed to present cases effectively and create meaningful records for appeals.

More to Come!

We’re working on additional discount programs. And we have a few more game-changing ideas on the drawing board!

Feature or BenefitNonMemberAPSA Member
Legal information articlesYesYes
State-specific legal resourcesYesYes
Features including Pop-Court, CiGARs, and JurisFictionYesYes
Closed Facebook group (screening required before admission)YesYes
Discounted litigation coaching with Sherri Renner, JDNoYes
Focused, moderated discussion forums to connect with other pro se litigants onlineNoYes
Weekly web or phone conferences moderated by Sherri Renner, JDNoYes
Discounts on premium educational materialsNoYes

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