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by Sherri L. Renner, J.D.

Got landlord-tenant law questions? We have your answers right here!

We gathered information from every state and the District of Columbia and organized it into the table below for you to use as you research your issue. 

We arranged the table with the states in the first column. In the second column are links to the actual landlord-tenant statutes or codes. If we thought it would be helpful to you, we included multiple links to different statute sections and some tips on how to find what you’re looking for on the page. In the third column we included links to materials published online by various legal aid organizations that explain the landlord-tenant laws and obligations in each state.

PLEASE NOTE: Not all states have comprehensive landlord-tenant “acts.”

  • Sometimes rights and obligations are scattered throughout the state code.
  • Sometimes the substantive rights and obligations are in one place in the state codes, while the procedures that apply to court proceedings are in another place.
  • Sometimes rights and obligations are found in case law instead of codes.
  • Sometimes more specific laws are found in local codes, which may be published on the local government’s own website or on


We’ve done our best to gather the most relevant law and information for you, but you may still need to consult with an attorney or visit your local law library to do further research.

IMPORTANT:  You should not consider the table, the laws, or the other info linked below to be either (1) legal advice, or (2) all the law in your state concerning landlord-tenant matters. There simply is no substitute for consultation with an experienced attorney who can help make sure you are on the right track. 


Landlord-Tenant Statutes

Links to Additional Information


Code of Alabama

Alabama Law Help


Alaska Statutes

Landlord-Tenant Law Booklet 

and Eviction Booklet


Arizona Revised Statutes

Arizona Law Help


Arkansas Code

Arkansas Legal Services


California Law

CA Dep't of Consumer Affairs Publication

and Glossary of Terms


Colorado Revised Statutes

See Tenants and Landlords under Title 38

Colorado Legal Services


General Statutes of Connecticut

Connecticut Law Help and

CT Judicial Branch Law Libraries Page


Delaware Code

Community Legal Aid Society

District of Columbia

D.C. Municipal Regulations

D.C. Law Help


Florida Statutes

Florida Law Help and

Rights and Duties of Tenants and Landlords


Official Code of Georgia

Scroll down to Title 44, Chapter 7 “Landlord and Tenant”

Georgia Legal Aid and

GA DCA Landlord Tenant Handbook 

and FAQs


Hawaii Revised Statutes

Dep't of Commerce & Consumer Affairs Handbook


Idaho Statutes

Idaho Legal Aid and

Attorney General Guidelines


Illinois Compiled Statutes

Rights and Laws by Attorney General and

SIU Self-Help Legal Center Publication


Indiana Code 

Click on Title 32 Property, then scroll down to IC 32-31, “Article 31. Landlord-Tenant Relations”

Indiana Legal Services Housing Topics


Iowa Code Title XIV, Chapter 562A

Summary of IA Landlord-Tenant Law by Iowa Legal Aid


Kansas Statutes Chapter 58, Article 25

Kansas Legal Services - Tenant's Handbook


Kentucky Revised Statutes

Tenants Rights Manual - Legal Aid Society of Louisville


LA Civil Code Generally, sections 2668 through 2729, but the guide by the LA Attorney General’s office may help focus.

Basic Landlord-Tenant Law by LA Law Help and Guide to LA Landlord & Tenant Laws by LA Attorney General


Maine Revised Statutes

Scroll down to Chapter 710

Rights of Tenants in Maine by Pine Tree Legal Assistance


Maryland Code 

Scroll down to “Real Property,” click the “+” then scroll down to “Title 8”

General Landlord/Tenant Articles by the People's Law Library


Massachusetts General Laws

Tenants' Rights in Massachusetts: Private Housing


Michigan Compiled Laws

Client Library by Michigan Legal Aid and

Tenants Rights and Responsibilities by MI Legal Help


Minnesota Statutes

Landlords and Tenants: Rights and Responsibilities - MN Attorney General


Mississippi Code Scroll down to “Real and Personal Property” and click the “+” to expand, then click the “+” next to “Residential Landlord and Tenant Act”

Landlord-Tenant Law - MS Legal Services


Missouri Revised Statutes Chap. 441 - Landlord and Tenant Generally

Missouri Revised Statutes Chap. 535 - Actions Against Tenants

Landlord Tenant Law by MO Attorney General


Montana Code Annotated

Tenants' Rights & Duties Handbook by MT Legal Services Ass'n


Nebraska Statutes Scroll down to Article 14, which is sections 76-1401 through 76-14,111.

Legal Aid of NE Landlord and Tenant Handbook


Nevada Statutes

NV Law Help - Tenants' Rights

New  Hampshire

NH Statutes Chap 48A (Housing standards)

NH Statute Title LV See Chaps. 540, 540-A, 540-B, and 540-C

An Overview of Tenants' Rights - NH Legal Aid

New Jersey

NJ Statutes (use the arrow on the right to scroll through the sections)

NJ Truth in Renting Act

NJ Dep't of Community Affairs Landlord-Tenant Information

New Mexico

NM Statutes Article 8 

Owner-Resident Relations Act

NM Law Help - Obligations of Landlords and Tenants

New York

New York Code Article 7

NY Attorney General Tenants' Rights Guide

North Carolina

North Carolina General Statutes

NC Law Help - Renting and Eviction and

Pamphlet by Legal Aid of NC

North Dakota

North Dakota Century Code Chap. 47-16

Landlord-Tenant Law in North Dakota


Ohio Revised Code

Ohio Landlord-Tenant Law: What You Should Know!


OK Non-Residential/Residential Landlord and Tenant Acts

Landlord and Tenant Problems - OK Legal Aid


Oregon Revised Statutes

Oregon Law Help - Landlord Tenant Info


Pennsylvania Statutes (unofficial)

Tenants' Rights - PA Law Help

Rhode Island

Rhode Island General Laws

Your Rights as a Tenant by RI Legal Services

South Carolina

South Carolina Code of Laws

Title 27 - Chapters 33, 35, 37, 39, 40

Basic Landlord-Tenant Law Help and

Appleseed Legal Justice Center

South Dakota

SD Code Title 43, Chapter 32

SD Code Title 21, Chapter 16

SD Attorney General: Landlord-Tenant Disputes


Tennessee Code 

Scroll down to Title 66 Property, click the “+” then scroll down to Chapter 28

East TN Legal Aid - Your Rights as a Tenant


Texas Statutes

Expand the “Texas Statutes” link (below the search box), scroll down to Property Code, then select Title 8.

TX Law Help - Landlord Tenant Law


Utah Code Title 57

Utah Legal Services


Vermont Statutes 

Scroll down to “Title Nine. Commerce and Trade,” click the “+” then select “Part 7”

Vermont Law Help and

Renting in Vermont Information Handbook


Code of Virginia

Title 55, Chapter 13

VA Legal Aid - Landlord Tenant Issues


Washington Revised Code Title 59

WA Law Help - Your Rights as a Tenant

West Virginia

West Virginia Code

Chapter 37, Article 6

WV Legal Services Tenant's Guide to Eviction


Wisconsin Statutes Chapter 704

WI State Law Library Landlord/Tenant Law


Wyoming Titles 

See Title 1, Chapters 21 and 32

Legal Aid Landlord-Tenant FAQs

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