LawYou’s mission is to bridge the “access to justice” gap so that people with no formal legal training are free and empowered to seek help from the courts whether or not they have attorneys on retainer.

Sure, everyone already is “free” to turn to the courts to resolve disputes. But that freedom is merely theoretical when only lawyers are educated about how the courts operate and the courts aren’t exactly “user-friendly” to everyone else.

Our goal is to get as close as we can to achieving truly equal access to the courts. It’s an audacious goal and we need help to get there. Financial support is our primary need, but there are other ways you can help, as well.


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Your donation helps us meet our financial obligations and, in turn, to achieve our goal of helping as many nonlawyers as possible. A portion of all proceeds also helps fund the nonprofit, Pursuing Justice Foundation, Inc. Thank you!




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Please support LawYou’s mission by purchasing through our Amazon Associate Store the books and movies we review for you in our Pop-Court features. Amazon shares only a small percentage of each sale with us, but every little bit helps. Thank you!

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If you’re in the market for a new host for your website, please consider using SiteGround. We’ve used several different web hosting services over the years, and found SiteGround’s value to be unmatched. The customer support is top-notch and the best I’ve encountered, and is the main reason LawYou now is a SiteGround affiliate. If you click through any of the SiteGround ads on this site to sign up for SiteGround services, LawYou will earn a commission, it won’t cost you a penny more, and you won’t be disappointed.

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